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Senseo & DHL nightmare continues

day 1 see tracking from DHL email to me that has wrong zip, I call and get that changed to #### and give them my cell phone and corrected address, not truncated one i saw online.
day 2 see tracking has left and is on the way, and get email saying the corrected zip was put in but there are no guarantees.

day 3 package supposedly arrived at USPS Station 4pm.
day 4 9am called DHL , spoke with ////////////- she said the package was corrected w/the zip and that it should have gone to the right USPS Station
day 4 9:30am called USPS Station and they said they didn't have it and since it had a department/hall listed, it should have already gone to the Mailing Services.
day 4 10am - called Mailing Services and spoke with ////////////.  He remembered the DHL package that was lost last year for me and was NEVER FOUND or REIMBURSED and said he would look it up from the waybill, gave him the waybill from DHL
                         waybill ######### delivered to USPS station 4pm

day 4 11am - //////////// at Mailing Services said it was not in his database but that it could be going on the truck.  He said his guys were loading up and that I could call back.
day 4 called //////////// at Mailing Services at 11:30 am - he said that none of his guys have seen my box and he still has no information from USPS or DHL to track it with.  He said to call back tomorrow.

day 4 12:16pm - USPS... spoke with ////////////, she said DHL did NOT deliver anything at 4pm yesterday or this morning.  She went to look taking my name and dept.  came up with nothing.  She took my phone number: office and cell ...and the DHL number and said she would call me back either way.

day 4 12:40pm - sent DHL a summarized version of above text to their "contact" email, asking where my package is - giving all the details etc... waiting on USPS and DHL to respond. 

 day 4 1:00pm USPS, ////////////  (from the 12:16 call earlier) called me back at the office number.  She said she called the "inquires and complaint no." for USPS and spoke to a woman who tracked my package to another Station Location at, DHL DID NOT change the zip as requested on 4/28.  //////////// then called the other USPS Station and spoke to a woman who looked around and did not see it and told her that mis-sends went back on truck and go to the main hub/plant .  //////////// said there was NO delivery confirmation, but did give me a number at main Station.  The woman at inquires used the DHL waybill no. to figure out it went to the wrong station.  She said that she would be on the look out for it at the right Station and left a note for the woman who scans in the packages.  I told her the package was more than likely a 16x16 or larger box and that it would have Senseo more than likely branded on the side of the box. 

day 4 1:40pm USPS Main Plant Manager, I spoke with secretary //////////// and she patched me to "someone who could help me"... BR Postal Consumer Affairs, which went to voice mail right away.  So I left my phone number and a brief synopsis. I await again.

day 4 2:00pm USPS Main - they called me back and said that once it came back to the Main office they would hand it back to DHL that they did not have a way to know where it should go.  She suggested that I call the sender and request a replacement or DHL to be on the lookout for the return.

day 4 2:05pm - I called DHL - and spoke to //////////// - I explained the whole story and she said that USPS wouldn't return to them, but to the shipper.  That I should contact Senseo or Integripak.  She stated that the Shipper ALWAYS has to contact DHL to initiate the tracing process.  I gave //////////// my email address and asked that she send me the policy statement that the tracing process "always" has to be started by the shipper.  She said she would check with her boss and put me on hold. 2:18pm -2:25pm then came back and said that after some research that I should receive my package w/my regular mail and that I shouldn't bother contacting the shipper just yet.  That the USPS has many departments and that the people I spoke with wouldn't know that they had the box.  That it was too early to tell where the box had been shipped to and if USPS has it or not ... and I shouldn't worry about it b/c if the USPS received it yesterday, it would definitely be tomorrow before I would receive it b/c they USPS takes time to "process" its packages....

names and stations deleted or //////////// b/c i don't want to get sued or never get my mail again. 

on to the next thing

The artshow was a sucess. SMOCK, PAPER, SCISSORS is over. i relaxed sunday and washed clothes and cleaned my house and went downtown to listen to music. now on to the next thing. first i will catch up on email - sorry to anyone i've not returned an email or call to. my hair has stopped falling out... hahaha. 


DEADLINE FEB 1st CALL TO ENTRY: Smock, Paper, Scissors: Forum 35 Fostering the Arts & Community
Category: Art and Photography


622 Steele Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone: 504-952-6608
Email: artmobbr@gmail.com
Website: http://www.artmobbr.org

CALL TO ENTRY: Smock, Paper, Scissors: Forum 35 Fostering the Arts & Community
11/16/2007 - 2/15/2008
ending time 5pm CST

CALL TO ENTRY: Smock, Paper, Scissors: Forum 35 Fostering the Arts & Community [A Whole Foods Market & Forum 35's ArtMob Sponsored Event] 1st Annual - All Media - Juried Art Competition and Fundraiser for the Baton Rouge Autonomous School Network Saturday, April 12, 2008 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. TOWNE CENTER AT CEDAR LODGE
Entry Deadline: EXTENDED!!! February 15, 2008
Entry Fee: $25
Information and Entry Form: www.ArtMobBR.org
Mail Entries & Payment to: Forum35: Smock, Paper, Scissors 622 Steele Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Questions: Nedra Korevec at 504.952.6608 beltanesun@gmail.com
Awards: First Place: $600 Second Place: $300 Third Place: $150

Fundraiser & Art Supply Drive for ASN
: WHAT IS THE AUTONOMOUS SCHOOL NETWORK? The Baton Rouge Autonomous New School Network (ASN) is a network of new schools. Unlike traditional schools, though, these new schools will be afforded operational and programmatic autonomy as long as they meet the performance criteria agreed upon with the parish school board. There are currently three Autonomous Schools in EBR,The CAN! Academy, with 300 middle school students and 400 high school students and David Zielinski's lead EBR Lab Academy, which began with a total of 100 ninth- graders. Students attending the ASN are receiving a second chance to achieve economic independence, and hope for a better life through relationship-based education and training.
Day of Event: Day of event shoppers will pick up a program with map at Whole Foods Market and meet the artists at a variety of Towne Center Merchants. The public will be invited to help kids draw on their talents by bringing an art supply (i.e. scissors, construction paper, drawing paper, glue, canvases, etc) to one of the collection bins outside of the participating merchants of Towne Center and be entered in the drawing to win cool prizes, including a $250 gift basket from Whole Foods Market! For more information and entry form: www.ArtMobBR.org or contact: Nedra Korevec at 504.952.6608; beltanesun@gmail.com.

ArtMob Flash 11.01.07 & 11.03.07

Art & Wine Converge for Thursdays on Third

Wine tasting with select wines from Calandros Select Wine cellars, heavy hors d'oeuvres from Avoyelles, and featured art displayed by

Michael Avant

. Michael is an awesome sculptor who will be displaying his bronze wall panels. Come out for the first Thursdays on Third wine tasting, art and snacks. Need we say more!. Price for the Wine Tasting is $20 per person.

Ephemeral Gallery Autumn Show

The Ephemeral Gallery presents a one night show joining the art communities of Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans featuring artists;

Brian Baiamonte, Kyle Bravo, Troy Dugas, Jenny LeBlanc, and David Smith

. The show starts at 7pm on Saturday, November 3. The Ephemeral Gallery is located at 521 N 19th Street at the corner of Main Street in Baton Rouge.

Kathryn Hunter or David Cano
Ephemeral Gallery
521 N 19th St
Baton Rouge
Phone: 225-343-9145
Email: ephemeralgallery@gmail.com

Come out and support our artists! Christmas is such a short time away; shop local and shop early!

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The continuing saga.  I have MRSA community acquired, not hospital acquired.  I have been sick for weeks.  I was told that since I have been taking my antibiotics (several pills plus several shots in my ear canal) that the contagiousness is there but minimal.  my hands are raw i've washed them so much.  my husband won't touch me. my kid stays nearby, but thinks he is going to get sick. my friends are weary.  i have been at the doctors almost everyday.  i get shots every time i see a doctor.  i am tired.  i am at work everyday, i do house chores everyday, life continues on.  how do people who are chronically sick manage? i'm about to go over the edge.   i have a very important work meeting this week and i'm doing the posters today, nothing is working right. the printer drivers have decided to revolt. i'm about to scream.  the meds they have me on make me hungry, but everything tastes BAD.  i feel like i have an old sock in my mouth. i can't get enough water.  ok. enough.


Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers at Manship Theatre

third ward, tx

THIRD WARD, TX a film by Andrew Garrison

Wednesday, October 24, Film Screening at 7:30 p.m. followed by Meet the Filmmaker Reception $5
Call the Ticket Desk at 225.344.0334 for tickets or information or visit

Stacy Sauce
Administrative Assistant and
School Performance Coordinator
Manship Theatre
100 Lafayette Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
(225) 389 7260

ear infection...

I have had staph infection 3 times in like the last six months. Now I have an inner ear, middle ear, outer ear infection that I'm having to take sulfur drugs, ear drops and some kind of bactroban cream. I'm so sick of being sick and for the allergies I have to do nasacort AQ and allegra D and if that won't work, then she is going to switch me to zyrtec-D. I really didn't think that I would have to take this much medicine in my life.

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